Wheel Alignments & Everything You Need To Know

by Dells Auto
5/17/2021 - Dell Rapids, SD

Having trouble driving straight? Fear not! Your driving abilities likely haven’t deteriorated, but rather your tires may require realignment. All drivers should spend time ensuring their wheels are aligned. While tires are unlikely to fall out of alignment on new vehicles, most drivers will eventually require their tires to be adjusted back into proper alignment.

Bad tire alignment can be caused from a multitude of factors, most of which from driving conditions and behavior. Poorly maintained roads are the main culprit for throwing wheels out of alignment. However, running over potholes and hitting curbs may also throw your vehicle’s alignment off.

Tire misalignment causes uneven wear and tear on your vehicle’s tires and dramatically shortens your tires’ lifespans. Your vehicle’s computer systems don’t read for tire misalignment so you won’t receive warning indicators. The best way to ensure your wheels are correctly aligned is through regular vehicle check-ups. A vibrating steering wheel and off-centered drifting while driving straight are additional signs to get your wheels checked.

A technician may perform a 2-wheel alignment or a 4-wheel alignment to your vehicle. 2-wheel alignment is also known as front-end alignment and only focuses on the front wheels. A 4-wheel alignment is when all four wheels are adjusted--typically required of all-wheel-drive vehicles. Tire alignment expenses aren’t traditionally very high, ranging from $50 to $100. However, tire alignment is usually paired with tire rotation services which will increase overall expenses.

Proper wheel alignment equates to optimum drivability: your tires’ lifespan will increase, your car will drive smoother, and your vehicle will consume less energy, saving you money at the gas pump. Make sure to have your vehicle routinely inspected by a technician to guarantee a safer driving experience for you and the drivers around you.

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